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          On 3 March, Year 8 students and both the GCSE drama class & A-Level class took a coach-journey to The Belgrade Theatre, Coventry - in order to be an audience for a striking and poignant performance of  "怪物电话" by Patrick Ness, adapted for stage by Sally Cookson.

           The production was made so emotionally and dramatically effective through (not only) director Cookson's talent for fabricating a world that elegantly mixed fantastical stories with adolescent reality, but also through composer Bower's modern and pulsating score, actor Ammar Duffus' ability to capture the vulnerabliity, soiltude & complex fragility of a 13 year old boy (Conor O'Malley) struggling immensely with bereavement, guilt & bullying, and through movement director Canham's stylised ensemble work.




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